More Fun Audio Analysis Techniques

Using individual plugins to directly automate the control of different aspects of a video performance or interactive installation can create some pretty awesome results, but one of the most powerful capabilities of VDMX is the ability to connect these plugins to each other to create more complex behaviors and visual effects that can be switched between during live VJ performance.

For this set of tutorials we'll look at a few ways that the Audio Analysis plugin can be used alongside the LFO plugin and standard interface controls as a demonstration of this technique.

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Setting A Movie to Resume Last Playback Position

When preparing movie files for a performance, one of the more subtle controls you may want to customize on a per clip basis is the start point of individual clips when they are triggered. While the default behavior is to playback from the first frame of the video, it may be necessary to have a clip resume playing from the last time it was used. This is accomplished in VDMX by using the Files section of the Workspace Inspector where you can specify custom playback behaviors of individual clips.

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Enabling hardware “Echo” mode for quick MIDI and OSC talkback with VDMX

Along with being able to receive real-time control values from MIDI and OSC based instruments, VDMX provides the ability to send the local state of interface items such as sliders and buttons back out to hardware controllers whose interfaces can update dynamically.

To make the setup of two way talkback with devices that support this kind of workflow faster to setup, each UI item in VDMX that is receiving from a MIDI or OSC source can be set to “echo” it's state back to the connected hardware controller.

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Assigning A Custom FX-Chain to a Clip

Using the File Inspector section of the Workspace Inspector individual clips can be tagged with attributes that override the source, FX, and composition settings of the layer that they are triggered on to. In this walkthrough we'll focus on the basic task of previewing a clip in the inspector and setting it to use a custom FX Chain.

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Local Presets and Multiplexers

​Local presets are per-UI item (per-slider, per-button, etc) presets- they affect only the item which they belong to. This video demonstrates how to use local presets on a slider to switch between two different LFOs, how to trigger local presets, and how to use the preset inspector to modify/mask how the preset is applied to the slider.

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