Video Inputs Basics

Video Digitizers are hardware devices- USB inputs, PCI cards, and built-in laptop cameras- that take a video input (HDMI, component, composite, s-video, etc) and make the resulting video stream available for use within VDMX.

Next in this series read about using Window Inputs to capture the output from other applications or how to make a multi-camera video sampler.


  1. One or more video digitizers, such as a webcam, DV camera, or an HD capture card.


To display on a layer: 'Use Source' menu, 'Live Inputs', select device from the list.

To add to a media bin: Right-click, 'Built In Sources', 'Live Inputs', select device.

To manually manage devices use the VidIn tab of the Workspace Inspector.

Choosing live inputs from the built-in sources.

Live inputs added to a media bin.

See Media Bin Basics for more info.

List of live inputs in the Workspace Inspector. Use enable toggles on each row to turn individual devices on and off.