Introduction to receiving control data

This tutorial introduces the concept of receivers, objects which allow you to receive and work with data from various sources- MIDI, ArtNet, and OSC hardware/software, as well as data sources created by other plugins and layers within VDMX.

Every UI object in VDMX can have multiple receivers- which means every UI object can be controlled externally- so this is a fairly important concept!


Click on sliders, buttons, pop-up menus and other user interface items to configure their settings in the  'UI Inspector' window.

The sub-inspectors for receivers reveal additional options for how incoming control data is interpreted by UI items.

These settings may vary depending on the type of data being received: 

The UI Inspector, displaying the Slider Inspector.

Decimal Receiver Inspector, receiving from an OSC source.

Decimal Receiver Inspector, receiving from a MIDI source.

In addition to 'number' data, VDMX can also work with boolean, string and color data internally and over OSC.  

The Boolean Receiver Inspector

Color Receiver Inspector

String Receiver Inspector