Setting A Movie to Resume Last Playback Position

Download the completed project file and sample clips for this tutorial.

When preparing in advance to perform visuals using movie files, one of the more subtle controls you may want to customize on a per clip basis is the start point of individual clips when they are triggered. While the default behavior is to playback from the first frame of the video, it may be necessary to have a clip resume playing from the last time it was used. This is accomplished in VDMX by using the Files section of the Workspace Inspector where you can specify custom playback behaviors of individual clips.

To begin, on the left side select the page that contains the clip you want to inspect, then choose it from the list on the right. 

In the sub-inspector we're looking for the "Movie Start Time" attribute. When this is enabled the clip will resume playback from its last play time when it is next triggered.


Multiple clips can be inspected simultaneously in the File Inspector.

Enable the "Movie Start Time" attribute to resume movie playback.

Files can also be inspected by right+click in the media bin.