The File Inspector and File Attributes

In the first tab of the Workspace Inspector you'll find the File Inspector which can be used to load, manage and edit the properties of pages and media clips in your current project.

In the top-most section of the File Inspector clicking on a page in the left column will reveal its contents on the right. From here clips can be re-ordered or moved to another page by dragging to the desired location.


Setting Custom Thumbnails

When a single clip is being inspected an additional sub-inspector will appear to show a preview of the media along with any custom applied FX. The current frame of the preview can be stored as the icon for the clip by clicking the "SET ICON" button in the clip inspector.

Enabling File Attributes

To activate a custom attribute setting for a clip, click on the toggle next to the name of the attribute in the list.

For each listed attribute is a toggle for whether or not the clip should override or use the current layer setting. When an attribute is enabled for a clip, additional options may appear.