Local Presets and Multiplexers

Local presets are per-UI item (per-slider, per-button, etc) presets- they affect only the item which they belong to. For example, Local Preset UI Items are found in many plugins- these presets affect only the specific plugin they appear in (the local preset UI item in the audio analysis only affects the audio analysis, etc). Local Preset UI Items are just another kind of preset- different artists have different workflows, so VDMX offers as many different kinds of presets as possible.

This video demonstrates how to use local presets on a slider to switch between two different LFOs, how to trigger local presets, and how to use the preset inspector to modify/mask how the preset is applied to the slider.

Also see: some examples of Local Preset UI Items.


Clicking the "+" button on the right side of a local preset UI item creates a new local preset.

Shift-click on a local preset UI item to inspect it without triggering or updating any of its presets.

Each preset in a local preset UI item has a receiver attached to it. This means that each preset in a local preset UI item can be triggered directly from any MIDI/OSC/DMX/Data source.

Local preset UI items have 'navigation' receivers that let you navigate their presets (trigger next/prev preset, trigger random preset, trigger preset by name, etc). These navigation receivers are listed in the "Navigation" tab of the Local Preset UI Item inspector.

An inspected Local Preset UI Item in Quartz Composer Controls and the UI Inspector.

Examples of Local Preset UI Items in the layer FX windows, LFO and Audio Analysis.