Privacy Policy

At VIDVOX, our main goal is to create great software for video professionals.

As part of providing the best possible customer service and building a community for the users of our tools, we offer several services through our website and software for people to take advantage of: these services are opt-in, they collect only the information immediately necessary to perform the service, and wherever possible the data is deleted after a reasonable period.  We retain only the minimum amount of information necessary, and we neither sell nor rent this information with other parties, nor do we use or share it with anyone else for anything beyond the explicit intended purpose for which it was collected.

3rd Party Services

In a few cases we use the services of 3rd party companies who we believe are responsible with their own data security and privacy policies:

  • Our online sales are handled by Braintree. They only receive enough information to securely process the financial transaction in compliance with all local laws.

  • The “Infrequent VIDVOX Newsletter” is an opt in mailing list using mailchimp. We never automatically register people for this mailing list. Only an email address is required to register, and accounts can be deleted from the mailchimp website using the following link: Unsubscribe from mailing list.

  • We use Google Analytics and cookies for keeping track of our website traffic. The information we receive is in an anonymous form- it is never cross referenced with any other information we have.

Data Collection and Storage by VIDVOX

For the rare occasions when we do collect and retain personal information, we only store and process the minimum amount of data necessary to perform the requested service, only when needed, and always with consent from the end-user.

Here are the few points where we collect or otherwise may receive information from end-users, and how it is used in our day to day business:

  • When purchasing a VDMX license, only your name and email address will be stored as part of the transaction receipt along with your serial number. This name and email pair will be used when registering the software and can be used to retrieve lost serial numbers if needed in the future. If you wish to use a pseudo-name instead of your real name, contact us at any time after checking out from our online store. We will store this information indefinitely unless otherwise instructed to close your account.

  • Sign up for our user forums is optional and does not occur automatically at the time of purchase, nor at any other time. The only required information for creating an account on the user forums is an email address and a date of birth to confirm that the user is above the age of consent, both of which can be set to a private mode such that it is only visible to site administrators. Other personal information, such as a link to a personal website, can be provided and included as part of a public profile page. User accounts on the forums along with any or all data associated with them can be exported or permanently deleted from the user control panel or by contacting us. Though the posts on the forums are public and can be browsed without registration, they are intended as a public community and additional terms of service must be agreed to at sign up for this service. Inappropriate material in violation of the terms of service will be subject to moderation by site administrators.

  • When VDMX runs into a problem, it may present the user with an option to send bug or crash reports to VIDVOX for further analysis. These optional reports send a basic description of your system profile and software configuration, along with recent crash longs and console logs generated by VIDVOX software necessary for us to respond to the problem. If desired, as part of a crash or bug report a user can include an email address which we can use to track issues across multiple reports, or follow up with suggestions or additional questions. Information related to crash and bug reports is typically only stored on our servers as long as it is needed to track, fix and deploy an update that addresses the issue.

No sign up or account on our site is required to download and use the demo version of VDMX.

End-User Rights

If at any time you would like to review, change or remove any or all of your personal information from our systems, please contact us using any of the following methods:

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns we can be reached by the following means of communication:
Phone: 1-800-856-1502