Frequently Asked Questions

What is VDMX5?

VDMX5 is a modular realtime video performance application for the Mac which has been evolving and undergoing continuous development for a number of years (technically, it's classified as a beta). On this website you can find lots of tutorials that demonstrate some of the many ways that VDMX5 can be used.

What is b8?

"b8" refers to the 8th major series of builds (beta 8.x.x.x), and has its own FAQ because it's a complete redesign and rewrite of the whole application in response to user feedback.

When is the final release of VDMX5 going to happen? Will there be an additional update fee when that happens?

We don't have a slated release date in mind at this time for the official final release of VDMX5 – when the software is finished we'll be happy to call it a final release. When that happens, there won't be any additional cost to use the final release.

What are the system requirements for VDMX5?

Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later

Recommended System Requirements

  • NVIDIA or ATI Graphics Card
  • 4+ GB of RAM

Note that VDMX5 is not currently supported on Windows.

Do you offer any discounts on VDMX5?

We know that many people can not afford the full price of VDMX5 and we offer two different routes for getting a fully functional license at a reduced rate.

  • We offer a 150 USD educational discount for students, teachers and educational institutions.
  • We offer a 150 USD “starving artists” discount in exchange for a small community projects.
    • Write a blog post documenting how you plan on using VDMX for a project and a follow up post when the project is complete.
    • Record a new video tutorial (about 2-5 minutes) on a topic not already covered.
    • Translate an existing tutorial into another language.
    • Create and share an original set of Creative Commons licensed media files (eg movies, ISF, Quartz Composer, Vuo)
    • Release an open source application that does something interesting or useful with MIDI, OSC, or Syphon.
    • Send us a proposal with your own idea!

What online users communities can I join related to VDMX5 and live visuals?

There are several places online where people who use VDMX5 and other related toolsets that you may want to become a part of.

How can I get help if I have a problem with VDMX5?

If you are having trouble with VDMX5 or otherwise need to contact us for support, we can be reached by the following means:

  • For problems with serial numbers or registering, or other general sales inquiries about VDMX, please send us an email: support@vidvox.net
  • For lost serial numbers visit: http://vidvox.net/authorization
  • If VDMX crashes ("The Application VDMX5 has unexpectedly quit"), just relaunch it: on launch, it checks to see if it can access the internet, and if it can it will automatically send us the crash log your system generated. From this panel you can request an email reply to crash logs submitted if you would like more information about the issue.

  • If VDMX hangs (if it's not responding and you've got the "spinny beachball") please email us a Stack Trace and anything from your Console Logs that happened while VDMX was running.

  • If you're having any other kind of problem, please file a bug report by choosing "Report Bug" from the "Help" menu.

Please keep in mind that the faster we can reproduce whatever problem you're having, the sooner we'll be able to fix it. Describing exactly how to duplicate your problem is usually helpful - if it is easier, feel free to include images or record a short screencast demonstrating your bug and send that to us!