VJing with a WiiMote game controller in VDMX

Download the completed template project for this tutorial. 

While MIDI devices and OSC enabled applications tend to be most commonly used instruments by VJs when getting away from the computer during a performance, another extremely powerful controller that can be paired with VDMX are WiiMote game controllers which can be connected to a Mac wirelessly over Bluetooth.

When using a WiiMote with VDMX there are four different types of data-sources are available for triggering and adjusting playback, FX, and composition settings in your setup:

  1. Buttons – Use the detect option to assign the same as keyboard press and MIDI notes.
  2. Orientation – The pitch, roll, and yaw of the controller, and optional nun-chuck attachment.
  3. IR Pointer Position - The x and y position of the remote as seen by the WiiMote sensor bar.
  4. Nun-chuck Joystick – The x and y position of an optionally connected analog 2-d stick input.


In this video tutorial we'll start by enabling Bluetooth communication and detecting the controller with the WiiMote plugin in VDMX. Once the basic configuration is working we can begin to put together a sample project that is designed to get the most out of the possibilities of the combining accelerometers with game style buttons for performing live visuals.

The WiiMote can also be a great controller to extend existing standard templates such as the basic movie player or the more advanced four channel video mixer.


Enable Bluetooth on your Mac and pair the WiiMote from the System Preferences.

An active WiiMote plugin and orientation offset settings in the Workspace Inspector.

Assign WiiMote buttons from the right-click detect, UI Inspector, or Hardware Learn.