Recording a demo reel from a Quartz Composer composition or other video generator to share online

Download the completed project file for this tutorial or view the example shared on 

It kind of goes without saying that these days posting your work online is a great way to promote yourself as a VJ or creative coder, or just to make new contacts for future collaborations. Along with a studio or live mix of your visual work, including some of the original resources that were used during the making of your process for other people to learn from is another way to make your mark on in an online art community. 

For this technique tutorial we'll be looking at recording a demo reel that shows off the different ways that your generative compositions can be used in a live setting by using different sets of control data to drive its parameters, such as time based LFOs, MIDI / OSC control, and audio analysis data-source providers. Once we've finished creating the sample movie, we'll also walk through how to share the files using the website where they can be hosted, downloaded and remixed by other video artists for free.

To begin, a Movie Recorder plugin is added to the project and set to receive the output from the layer that is playing our sample Quartz Composer composition. Next we'll add a few controller plugins to automate the inputs of the patch to show off different setups.

Once the demo reel video showing off the capabilities of the patch is recorded, it can be uploaded along with the original interactive generator file. 


Section Presets in the layer source panel save and load the input controls for generators.

Use the Movie Recorder inspector to adjust the capture settings for video files.

Also control and capture the output from custom applications with OSC and Syphon.