How to control an Ableton Live project from a web browser (and other software) in about a minute

The OSCQuery Protocol is a new specification that allows live performance tools to automatically communicate its parameters for rapid setup and improvisation between performers. Along with native support within VDMX here at VIDVOX we have developed several useful utilities that make it possible for people to take advantage of these new capabilities with software that support MIDI and OSC.

In this introduction tutorial we’ll be looking at how to use the free (and open source!) MIDI OSCQuery Helper utility to publish parameters from an Ableton Live project so that they can be accessed as browsable OSC parameters from other software such as VDMX. The MIDI OSCQuery Helper also includes its own built in Interactive Web Interface which can be loaded in web browsers on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets to remotely control any published controls.

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Using Ableton Link in VDMX

One of the common questions for VJs working alongside musicians is what is the best way to keep the tempo of all of the software being used by the different performers perfectly in sync. Ableton Link is a new technology developed by Ableton that answers this by synchronizing musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on multiple devices, including VDMX.

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Analyzing multi-track audio from Live in VDMX using Soundflower

For musicians working in Ableton Live or other multitrack production software one of the most useful tricks for driving real-time visuals is to output each sound track on a different set of audio channels before they are mixed together to get more accurate results for each sound when performing audio analysis in VDMX.

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Guest Tutorial: 4 ways to sync VDMX and Ableton Live with Mattijs Kneppers and Studio Rewind

Over the last few years artist / programmer Mattijs Kneppers ​has been developing “Livegrabber,” a set of plugins that can be used to easily sync Ableton Live with other applications by echoing out actions in Live over the OSC protocol. For the release of the newest version of the plugins, we're joined by Mattijs and Studio Rewind for a demonstration of how to use the Livegrabber plugins with VDMX.

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The 8 Layer APC40 VJ Mixer Template for VDMX

​The Akai APC40 is one of the most known MIDI controllers designed to be used alongside Ableton Live for DJing and music production. It also happens to be a pretty good controller for working with video and in this tutorial we'll look at some tips for setting up an 8 layer setup with controls matched to the layout of the controller itself.

With this example template you can load in your own movie files and start mixing immediately, or further map the remaining knobs and buttons to your own selection of real-time video FX and other movie playback parameters.​

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VJ Spain Guest Tutorial 2: El plugin Step Sequencer + Ableton Live

nce again in the lead up to his VJ Spain workshop later this month we are joined by guest poster Marcos Prack with another Spanish language tutorial: "Segundo tutorial de VDMX, esta vez os cuento una forma de utilizar el plugin Step Sequencer, que es usarlo para disparar los clips del Media Bin a través de diferentes presets. Todo esto utilizando Ableton Live que a través de notas MIDI activa Presets, FX y dispara los clips."

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