Receiving MIDI Clock from Ableton Live in VDMX

The project file for this tutorial and its vintage sample clip from the Prelinger Archives can be downloaded here.

In this video tutorial we'll first cover how to set up VDMX to receive MIDI Clock from Ableton Live to keep the measure position between DJ and VJ apps perfectly in sync.

This same basic idea will also work with most other audio apps on your Mac or from another computer over a MIDI connection.

In the second half, we'll use the clock position to drive a step sequencer plugin and set it up to dice up a movie on beat.


Set the Clock plugin in VDMX to receive the "To VDMX" source.

In the Ableton Live Preferences in the MIDI tab under "To VDMX" set the "Sync" to "On" option to enable MIDI Clock output.

Step Sequencer in VDMX used to 'dice' the movie time on beat.