The ECLECTIC METHOD REMIX, Part Three - Working with Ableton Live

In part three of our series looking at how to make an Eclectic Method remix with Jonny Wilson we'll be looking at using Ableton to control video triggering using MIDI notes.

This basic idea can be repeated on multiple tracks in Live to control any number of layers or other parameters in VDMX.

Notes and tips:

Ableton Live's MIDI preferences has options to enable "Sync" output and "Track" for each MIDI output.

The "Sync" setting activates sending MIDI clock which can be used to set the BPM of "Clock" plugin in VDMX.

The "Track" setting allows for sending notes, control and pitch-bend data from MIDI tracks. Each enabled 'Output' port in the preferences is available in the track 'MIDI To' menu.

Each track in Live can send out both MIDI notes and ctl (envelope) values at the same time.

Almost all interface items in VDMX can respond to MIDI messages from Live, including the Media Bin, sliders, buttons, and pop-up menus.

For more information about MIDI setup in VDMX see the introduction to MIDI tutorial.

Ableton Live Preferences configured to send MIDI track and clock sync to VDMX.

For each track set the 'MIDI To' menu. Useful if you want to control more than one computer from a single copy of Live.

MIDI control of the 'Layer Opacity' slider in VDMX.

MIDI Notes set to trigger clips on 'Layer 1' in a VDMX Media Bin plugin.