VJ Spain Guest Tutorial 2: El plugin Step Sequencer + Ableton Live

Once again for the lead up to his VJ Spain workshop on VDMX and Quartz Composer later this month we are joined by guest poster Marcos Prack with another Spanish language tutorial:

"Segundo tutorial de VDMX, esta vez os cuento una forma de utilizar el plugin Step Sequencer, que es usarlo para disparar los clips del Media Bin a través de diferentes presets. Todo esto utilizando Ableton Live que a través de notas MIDI activa Presets, FX y dispara los clips."

More information about Marco's VJ course this April can be found on the VJ Spain website:


Also see Marco's previous guest Spanish language tutorial on using the Control Surface plugin.


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Start by creating a Control Surface with 6 buttons, each will trigger a different FX and Step Sequencer preset.

Each MIDI clip in Ableton Live has 2 notes- one to change the Trigger Selection in the Media Bin, the other to trigger both a button of the Control Surface and a new movie.

In the Media Bin Options (Workspace Inspector > Plugins > Media Bin > Media Bin Options > Control) assign the MIDI notes to the Transpose Down function. In the Triggers tab we can assign the MIDI notes to each clip in the Media Bin.