VJ Spain Guest Tutorial 2: El plugin Step Sequencer + Ableton Live

nce again in the lead up to his VJ Spain workshop later this month we are joined by guest poster Marcos Prack with another Spanish language tutorial: "Segundo tutorial de VDMX, esta vez os cuento una forma de utilizar el plugin Step Sequencer, que es usarlo para disparar los clips del Media Bin a través de diferentes presets. Todo esto utilizando Ableton Live que a través de notas MIDI activa Presets, FX y dispara los clips."

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VJ Spain Guest Tutorial: El plugin Control Surface

his special Spanish language guest tutorial on using the 'Control Surface' plugin comes from Marcos Prack of VJ Spain who joins us with a preview of his upcoming 4 day workshop on using VDMX and Quartz Composer in Madrid this April.

More information about the course can be found on the VJ Spain website: http://vjspain.com/blog/2013/03/20/workshop-quartz-composer-vdmx-integracion-y-flujo-de-trabajo/

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VDMX into Millumin via Syphon

In honor of being the first third party developer to support the new Hap codec family natively, today ​we're joined by by Phillipe Chaurand who writes Millumin, an awesome piece of real-time visual software with a focus on theater, dance, and mapping installations.

Along with Hap, Millumin also shares support for Syphon, which allows for ​making layers in VDMX directly available as inputs to Millumin. In this quick video tutorial Phillipe explains how to set up this connection between the two applications.

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