Converting a single DMX channel to a range of MIDI notes to trigger movies in CoGe

Download the project files for this tutorial.

For this tutorial we're joined by Tamas Nagy, developer of the Mac VJ software CoGe, a semi-modular video app that is heavily extensible through use of Quartz Composer and is also one of the first to natively support the new Hap video codecs for GPU accelerated playback of QuickTime movies.

The goal here will be to receive a DMX channel over ArtNet in VDMX and convert it into a range of MIDI notes that will be then sent to CoGe to trigger movie files.

The basic slider technique used here can also be used with other data-source inputs besides DMX, or repeated to convert more channels of data to MIDI or OSC to control other parameters in CoGe.


Right-click on a slider in VDMX to detect DMX channels.

Receiving DMX input Port 1 / Channel 1 in the slider inspector.

Slider 'Sending' tab with MIDI notes output to CoGe.

Auto MIDI Map Mode for receiving notes in CoGe ClipSynth.