How to do the Deadmau5 End of Year Tour visuals by Momo the Monster

"The setup for the shows is all LEDs, set up at each venue by the promoter so it's always a little different. We've asked them to provide a Back Wall, 11 Columns in front of that, and a DJ Booth surface .. Deadmau5 plays whatever he wants and I improvise video to go along with it."


Thanks to guest poster Momo The Monster currently on tour with Deadmau5 for a special round of holiday shows in North America to take the time to make a blog post and tutorial with us from the road.

Step 1: Build a 3 layer setup in VDMX with a foreground, background and a 'playground' layer for creating masks.

This is a slightly simplified version of a configuration that Momo blogged about a few years ago his his VJ Kung Fu series. Make sure to watch the Structure in VJ Performance post for the thinking behind how Momo prepares his sets.

Momo's three layer setup in VDMX with multiple custom control surface plugins showing just the needed controls.

Lemur iPad setup with both master and individual layer controls.

Step 2: Connect playback controls to Lemur iPad app over OSC.

  • At the top are the controls for BG and FG, including page switching.
  • In the middle are the corresponding UI items for the  control surface plugins in VDMX.
  • At the bottom are the controls for the Playground layer's Quartz Composer clips.
  • Master fader and per-surface coloring controls.

Step 3: Make it extra portable.

"I was told to make it all lighter and smaller, so I hacked up an old camera case and filled it with a TVOne Dual DVI Scaler, 10-Port USB Hub, DVI 1x2 Distribution Amp and 8" Lilliput monitor. I snaked together everything I could, and all the devices are velcroed to the case so it stays in place pretty well."

"Setup and teardown times clock in at about 6 minutes apiece, not too shabby."

Entire rig in a bag, ready to go.