VDMX into Millumin via Syphon

In honor of being the first third party developer to support the new open-source Hap codec family natively, today we're joined by by Phillipe Chaurand who writes Millumin, an awesome piece of real-time visual software for the Mac with a focus on adding video elements to theater, dance, and mapping installations.

Along with Hap, Millumin also shares support for Syphon, which allows for making layers in VDMX directly available as inputs for layers in Millumin. In this video tutorial Phillipe demonstrates how to set up this connection between the two applications.

Next , try using Window Inputs to capture a window from Google Chrome in VDMX and send via Syphon to use in Millumin.


The 'Syphon Output' plugin in VDMX is used to publish layers.

Use the 'New Media Layer with Syphon Sources' found in Millumin's 'Layer' menu.

Millimun can switch between multiple Syphon sources when available.

The output of Millimun can also be received by layers in VDMX using Syphon.