Using OSCQuery In The Control Surface Plugin

The Control Surface is one of the most widely versatile plugins in VDMX, making it possible to create sets of custom interface elements that can be used to control nearly any aspect of your workspace or send MIDI / OSC / DMX to other systems. The Control Surface plugin also has the ability to publish its list of parameters over a local area network using the OSCQuery protocol so that other software can remotely browse and control almost any aspect of your VDMX project.

In this video tutorial we'll be looking at the basics of using OSCQuery protocol from within the Control Surface, and three ways that those parameters can be accessed from software running on other devices: using our free OSCQuery Browser utility, another copy of VDMX and a web browser running on an iPhone.

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Loops – Performance, Production, and Progression

The heart of almost every VJ / Visualist performance is the loop. There are lots of techniques and training for the production of loops, but there are some common approaches and methodology of creating a “pack” that are explored in this guest tutorial by Colin Evoy Sebestyen. To demonstrate these ideas Colin breaks down a project he created with musician Nonagon for a performance series at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

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Guest Tutorial: 10 Workflow Tips from DocOptic

This guest tutorial from the DocOptic team goes over some of their favorite tips to improve our workflow while using VDMX including keyboard shortcuts, BPM automation, presets, and more. Also covered are a few techniques using features of VDMX such as the Alpha Mask effect and using application windows as media sources.

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Sending DMX From a VDMX Color Picker

Like most interface items in VDMX, the Color Pickers can send their current state the DMX protocols for syncing with lighting consoles and fixtures making it possible for a VJ to control both the visuals and lights at a live event. In this video tutorial we'll set up a DMX controllable lighting fixture and set up a Control Surface plugin with interface items for adjusting each of the available parameters.

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Creating Gesture Based Controls for VDMX using the Gestrument Kinect MIDI controller app

Last week featured on CreateDigitalMusic we noticed the beta release of Gestrument Kinect, a  simple Mac app that can be used to convert the camera depth data from a Kinect to MIDI for controlling music and VJ live visuals. Since it sends of standard MIDI, it only took a few seconds to connect it to VDMX for a quick demonstration on how it's data can be converted into gestures used to trigger movie clips and adjust video FX parameters.

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VJ Spain Guest Tutorial: El plugin Control Surface

his special Spanish language guest tutorial on using the 'Control Surface' plugin comes from Marcos Prack of VJ Spain who joins us with a preview of his upcoming 4 day workshop on using VDMX and Quartz Composer in Madrid this April.

More information about the course can be found on the VJ Spain website:

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