Sending DMX From a VDMX Color Picker

Like most interface items in VDMX, the Color Pickers can send their current state over the DMX protocol for syncing with lighting consoles and fixtures making it possible for a VJ to control both the visuals and lights at a live event. In this video tutorial we'll set up a DMX controllable lighting fixture and set up a Control Surface plugin with interface items for adjusting each of the available parameters.

Before getting started you may need to configure your system Network settings in System Preferences and the DMX / ArtNet settings in the VDMX preferences. The exact settings will vary depending on the equipment being used. Also note that the hardware being used may come with additional setup software you may need to run.

System Preferences and ENTTEC NMU setup program to configure the hardware.

The VDMX5 Preferences for setting universe addresses for each DMX input and output port.

Simple DMX Fixture, “ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet” and Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter.

For this basic setup we have a single port ENTTEC Open DMX Ethernet converter but any ArtNet compatible device will work. We're connected directly to the device over cat-5 using a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter as pictured above. The fixture being used accepts 4 DMX channels, 1 for strobe / brightness level and 3 for the RGB color.

To begin we'll add a Slider to the Control Surface and set it to send on channel 1 for the strobe rate / brightness level.

Next to control the color of our light we'll add a Color Wheel element and use the UI Inspector to add a DMX Sender. From the sub-inspector we can adjust the channel offset to match the template of the fixture.

Notes and Next Steps:

The UI Inspector Sending tab for the Color Wheel showing DMX Sender options.