Using Display Capture as a Video Source in VDMX

One of the common problems that visuals artists working with software for real-time video is how to connect the output of one application into another. In the best case scenario every application you use would support Syphon for sharing video streams, but since that isn't the case there are a few other useful techniques that can be used in VDMX.

In this tutorial we will be looking at using the Display capture feature that makes it possible to use the entire contents of any screen as a video feed.

Display sources work like any other available video feed in VDMX. You can add them to the media bin using the right-click contextual menu or from the Media Browser window. They can also be directly accessed from the layer "Use Source" menu and anywhere else video feeds can be used as inputs such as Preview Windows, Movie Recorders and Layer Masks. You can also publish the displays as Syphon Outputs so they can be used in other live visuals software.

From the "Vid In" section of the "Workspace Inspector" the capture settings for each individual display can be set. In some cases you may have an option to capture at half resolution or half frame-rate.

Tip: You can also use the Window Capture feature to access a single window from an application as a video feed in VDMX.


Adjust display capture settings from the "Workspace Inspector" under "Vid In"

Access Display video feeds directly on layers, movie recorder and preview windows, or add to the media bin to be triggered like any other clip.