The slider UI item in depth

Sliders are UI items that describe a value within a specific range. This is one of the most common UI items you'll encounter in across VDMX including FX parameters and playback controls.


Click and drag on a slider to change its value (and inspect it), or shift-click on a slider to inspect or uninspect it without changing its value. You can also use the "Value" text field in the inspector window to manually enter a slider value.

The Slider UI may be locked so it doesn't respond to accidental clicks and drags by checking the "Lock slider UI?" box in the Slider Inspector.

Sliders have a min and a max envelope which may be used to restrict the value of the slider to a specific range. You can adjust these envelopes by clicking & dragging on their black handles in the finder, or by holding down option (moves the min envelope) or command (moves the max envelope) while you click + drag on the slider. You can also use the "Min/Max Env" text fields to manually enter min/max values.

Sliders can be controlled by multiple data sources including MIDI controllers, OSC, ArtNet (DMX) consoles and internal control information at the same time. Sliders use decimal data receivers, and the interface for creating, inspecting, and editing a slider's receivers is shown by clicking the "Receiving" tab in the slider inspector.