Syncing a Slider to a Data-Source

Sliders, buttons, pop-up buttons, and just about everything in VDMX can be synced to a variety of different data-sources, including hardware controllers, audio analysis, and LFOs.

In this tutorial we'll focus on the most basic case, slaving the opacity slider of a layer to the mouse cursor horizontal (x) position.

Download the project file created for this tutorial here.

Step 1: Select a layer in the Workspace Inspector and click on the Opacity Slider in the Layer Composition Controls window.

Step 2: In the contextual (right-click) menu for the slider, under the 'Use Data-Source' sub-menu is a list of available control values to receive from - pick /Mouse/X.

Also in this series check out the tutorials for using MIDI/OSC/DMX data-sources and creating local slider presets.

Setting a data-source for a slider to the x mouse position using the contextual menu.