Using the OSCQuery Helper tool with Processing

In our introduction tutorial for working with Processing and VDMX we examined how to manually configure sending OSC messages from VDMX interface items to control properties of a Processing sketch running in the background. For this follow up lesson we will look at how the OSCQuery Helper tool can be used to publish the OSC address space for a sketch so that they can be remotely accessed by other software like VDMX or the OSCQuery Browser tool.

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Introduction to Connecting VDMX and Processing with Syphon and OSC

While VDMX offers many ways to extend its capabilities with code by Quartz Composer, Vuo and writing your own custom interactive GLSL shaders, there are times when you may need to use a video generator, image processor, or data controller that for whatever reason require using another most extensive programming toolkit for some aspect of your live performance.

One of the most popular creative coding languages being used today is known as Processing, a free, open-source development environment with an extensive community of artists and technologists around the world. You can look online to find hundreds of examples and they provided wonderful educational materials to help you get started with learning how to write code to make art.

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