Built-In Sources

Built-In Generators are sources that can be loaded directly on a layer without using a media bin.

The project file for this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Step 1: In the Layer Source window choose the desired input type from the 'Use Source:' pop-up menu.

  • Live Inputs: Video digitizers, cameras & capture boxes.
  • CoreImage: Useful generators such as Checkerboard.
  • FreeFrame: FreeFrame or FFGL generators plugins.
  • Text: Create text clips for displaying strings on a layer.
  • Quartz Composer: Useful demo patches.
  • Layers: Use the current frame from another layer, before or after FX, as a source.
  • Plugins: Some plugins may publish output video streams.
  • Window Inputs: Capture the contents of open window from any application as a video stream.
  • Syphon: Receive published video streams from other Syphon enabled applications.
  • Web: Load a web page on the current layer.

Step 2: To add a built-in source to a page in a media bin as a clip, use the contextual (right+click) menu.

Clips that use built-in sources can be triggered in the media bin like any other media file.

Tip: Set custom thumbnails in the File Inspector.

The 'Use Source' pop-up in the Layer Source controls displaying the sub-menu of CoreImage sources.

Media Bin loaded with built-in sources.