Three Different Ways to use Audio Analysis (or other data-source) to Trigger a Movie in VDMX

In this quick tutorial we'll be looking at how to use the Audio Analysis plugin instead of the usual keyboard, MIDI, OSC, or DMX shortcuts for triggering video clips in a media bin. This can be a particularly useful technique for using VDMX to run interactive installations that respond to sound and other inputs, or for automating and beat syncing parts of a VJ setup.

When following along with this tutorial, if you don't have an audio input (or if it is inappropriate to make loud noises in your workspace) you can try using another data-source plugin such as an LFO or Step Sequencer in its place instead.

Once finished try using this same basic idea with the Two Channel Mixer plugin to make audio reactive transitions and cuts between layers.


In the ‘layer source controls’ set the movie loop mode to ‘cut to black’ to have the clip stop at the end.

Assign data-sources to trigger clips in the Media Bin inspector and use the UI Inspector to adjust the threshold level.

Previous, Next and Random clips can be triggered using buttons in the main Media Bin interface.

The Quantization option can be used to queue or postpone clip triggers until a data-source activates.