Making a customized version of 'Grid' in VDMX

When creating new performance interfaces from scratch using VDMX it is often useful to look at the layouts of other VJ tools as a starting points. In this video tutorial we quickly recreate the main features of the classic 'VIDVOX Grid' including most of the keyboard shortcuts, playback capabilities, and general UI layout. The completed version is available for download and just like the original app it is based on, this example template can be used out of the box with your own clips for performances.

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The Quartz Composer Interaction object and VDMX Preview Windows

One of the newer features added to Quartz Composer is a new 'Interaction' object which allows for mouse clicks in the QC Viewer, as well as Preview Window plugins within VDMX, to be detected when billboard and sprites are clicked, making it possible to control patches in a variety of ways not possible with standard ​input splitters.

For this tutorial we'll first create a basic Quartz Composer composition that makes use of the 'Interaction' object ​and then import it into VDMX where it can be manipulated directly from a Preview Window plugin.

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