Making a customized version of 'Grid' in VDMX

Download the completed VDMX project file for this tutorial and sample clips in Hap 720p or PhotoJPEG 720p

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When creating new performance interfaces from scratch using VDMX it is often useful to look at the layouts of other VJ tools for ideas. Before switching our focus to VDMX full time, we used to develop other real-time performance applications for video artists, including Grid, a popular single movie triggering and remix app featuring a larger thumbnail view and simple transport controls. While limited in scope compared to VDMX, it had a great layout and keyboard mapping designed for instrumental control of scratching and scrubbing clips.

In this video tutorial we quickly recreate the main features of Grid including most of the keyboard shortcuts, playback capabilities, and general UI layout. The completed version is available for download and just like the original app it is based on, this example template can be used out of the box with your own clips for performances.

The Grid template is also a great starting point for a new project that includes newer features likes Syphon Output, FX processing, and DMX triggering of video files.

Tips and Notes for building Grid from scratch in VDMX:

Load video files by dragging from the Finder or using the built-in browser.

Enable movie RAM preloading for the Media Bin for instant triggering of HD movies.

Assign up and down array keys to change the trigger row in the Media Bin inspector.

Local slider presets replicating enabling mouse control for time and rate control by keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshot of the original version of VIDVOX Grid.

Screenshot of completed Grid template for VDMX.