Mixing, Adjusting and Generating Complementary Color Data-Sources in VDMX

While Quartz Composer is mainly used for creating interactive video sources and FX, one of of the other powerful ways it can be used in VDMX is to create your own custom plugins that can generate values or manipulate data-sources that can be used to drive other parameters in your setup. Another great thing about this feature is that once these compositions are created they can be shared and easily installed on different computers so that other people can take advantage of the new functionality.

For this tutorial we'll be looking at three very simple Quartz Composer compositions can be used within VDMX for manipulating color data-sources in particular.

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Step Sequencer Color Tracks

In addition to standard number values, VDMX supports the special OSC color type for quickly passing around packed RGBA values between data senders and receivers. This is particularly useful in the Step Sequencer plugin which has a color option for tracks, making it easy to automate changes and fades between colors for generators and FX that use color swatch UI items. Read More