Step Sequencer Color Tracks

In addition to standard number values, VDMX supports the special OSC color type for quickly passing around packed RGBA values between data senders and receivers. This is particularly useful in the Step Sequencer plugin which has a color option for tracks, making it easy to automate changes and fades between colors for generators and FX that use color swatch UI items.

The project file for this tutorial is available for download.


  1. Read the tutorial on the basics of using the Step Sequencer plugin.

Step 1: In the Workspace Inspector create a 'Step Sequencer' plugin and using the inspector change the 'Type' of 'Track 1' to the 'Color' option.

    • Use the 'Rows' column in the inspector to change the number of different color choices.
    • Adjust the Interpolation amount between 0.0 and 1.0 to set how fast to fade between colors.
    • Click on a color tab in the left column of the sequencer to reveal a color picker for setting the row color.

    Changing the track type to 'Color'

    Using the picker to change the row colors.

    Step 2: In the Layer Source Controls for 'Layer 1' use the 'Constant Color' source option. Click on the color swatch to reveal its options in the UI Inspector.

    Step 3: In the UI Inspector in the 'Receiving' tab use the '+' button to create a new color receiver for the swatch. Use the data-source menu to select 'Track 1' from the Step Sequencer plugin.

    Choosing the color receiver for the swatch.

    Next, read about using the Section Presets UI Item in the Step Sequencer to save and restore track presets.