Remixing Seamless 360 Degree Panoramic Movies Shot with the Kōgeto Dot in VDMX

As part of our series on different techniques for VJs and visual artists to create their own content for performances and installations, today we are featuring the “Dot” camera attachment from Kogeto which lets you easily shoot panoramic video from an iPhone that can be loaded into a VDMX for real-time cropping and panning for adjusting the point of view as the movie plays back or is remixed during a live performance.

While the idea of the Dot attachment is fairly simple, for a VJ the possibilites for creating interesting footage that takes advantage of a fourth dimension of freedom are pretty endless, particularly when combined with MIDI controllers and audio analysis for driving playback parameters.

In this video tutorial we'll look at some tips for working with movie clips shot using the Dot in VDMX, including setting up seamless 360 rotational loops, syncing the POV angle to the movie time, and how to fade between two different panorama clips.

From here try to add a live camera feed to the project or how to auto import your panoramas and photos shared from your iPhone via DropBox.


Use the “Fill” sizing mode in the Layer Composition settings to get a “pan and scan” style output.

Add the “FrameHold-Manual” geometry adjustment FX to create a seamless wrap around control of the camera point of view.

The thumbnail aspect ratio of each media bin plugin can be adjusted in its sub-inspector under ‘Options’

Tap the “Save” option to export the full panorama to your camera roll.

Use the free Image Capture utility or iPhoto to retrieve movies from your phone.

For best playback performance in VDMX make sure to convert your movies to PhotoJPEG, Apple Intermediate or the Hap video codec.