Using a Step Sequencer to trigger media clips

Download the completed project file and sample media for this tutorial.

Note that the technique used for this example will also work using a different VDMX data-source generator, such as an LFO, or an external software / hardware device sending MIDI, OSC, or DMX values to the media bin.

Along with being able to control any standard UI elements like sliders, buttons and color pickers, tracks in the step sequencer plugin in VDMX can be used to automate the changing of the media files playing back on a layer and create visuals rhythms. This general technique can be useful for a lot of projects such as VJ performances and building interactive video installations.

For this video tutorial we'll start with a simple project that contains a media bin and step sequencer plugin.

The first step will be to change the published value range for the step sequencer track from its default 0.0 to 1.0 (aka 'normalized') to its integer (aka 'index'). Once this change is made we can use it as the data-source for the 'Trigger by Index' receiver in the Media Bin plugin.

After you've finished this tutorial try using this technique along with automatic Waveclock BPM detection or learn how to add a color track to the step sequencer.


Disable 'Normalize values' for the sequencer track.

Use the 'Trigger by Index' row in the Media Bin options.