The 9 Layer 3x3 HD Video Wall

The project and sample movies can be downloaded here. On a slow computer? Try the 2x2 standard def version.

In this intermediate level tutorial we'll be taking 9 standard definition movies (640x360) and combining them in a 3x3 grid layout to make a single 1920x1080 HD output image in the style of a video wall running on your Mac.

The movies for this project will be live sampled, using a camera feed - if none is available just use the sample clips in the download above, or use some of your own videos as sources. This template can also be a great way to re-use old lower resolution VJ footage for HD display.

Completed 9 Layer 3x3 HD Video Wall.

Before making this project yourself...

  1. Read the tutorial on Layer Composition.

  2. Read the tutorial on Movie Recording.

  3. Read or watch one of the tutorials on using Live Inputs.

  4. Watch the tutorial on customizing control surface plugins.

How to Build It Yourself:

1. Create 9 layers and for each adjust the width / height, set the 'Position Mode' to 'Onscreen' to make it easy to dock layers to the screen edges, then use the X and Y position sliders to arrange their layout in a 3x3 grid.

2. Create a 'Control Surface' plugin with a slider for 'Master Volume' and mute buttons for each layer, then set each layer to receive the appropriate data-sources.

3. Create a 'Movie Recorder' plugin, set its record resolution to 640x360 in the 'Workspace Inspector' and set its 'Video Source' to a live input, or other video feed.

Workspace Inspector with 9 arranged layers, Width and Height set to 0.33 in 'Fit' mode.

Control Sufrace with 'Master Volume' and 9 mute buttons to control each layers audio controls. UI Inspector showing settings for TL Source Mute button.

Using 'Movie Recorder' and 'Preview Window' plugins for live sampling.