Making and Installing GLSL Composition Modes for VDMX

​To get the best performance out of using the Hap codec within VDMX we also recently added another new feature making it possible to use GLSL shaders to perform composition between layers. While the standard 'OpenGL- Add' and 'OpenGL- Over' modes are the absolute fastest when it comes to rendering, when more complex composition modes such as 'Difference' or 'Multiply' are needed shaders are the best alternative when playing back movie files, particularly when you're not using CoreImage or Quartz Composer based FX on the layer.​

In this two part tutorial we'll look first at the basics of adding new 3rd party shaders to the assets folder, and then move on to the intermediate level step of creating new custom blend modes.​

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Chroma Key Basics

Chroma Keying is an image effects technique for compositing multiple video streams on top of each by applying a hue based masked to the foreground images. Commonly a blue or green screen is used in production for these purposes.

Within VDMX, using the 'Chroma Mask' FX on a layer will create a color-based mask that is applied within the FX-chain. Pixels in the input that are within the tolerance range are set to become transparent through the usage of alpha channels.

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