Creating a multi-channel live camera video sampler

For this technique video tutorial we'll be looking at how to use VDMX to create a multi-camera video sampler setup with the ability to record movie clips from a live feed to be immediately remixed and saved for later editing.  As movie clips are sampled they will be automatically added to the bin page where they can be triggered for output making this simple example useful either on its own for video production, or as part of a larger VJ style live performance rig.

To begin building this setup we start by adding one of our camera inputs to the Media Bin, followed by setting up Preview Window and Movie Recorder plugins to handle view / capture for the live feed.

Once the single stream version is ready we can go about repeating this process for each of the other inputs as needed along with additional layers if multiple streams are to be output at the same time.

After completing this tutorial try using Audio Analysis or Face Detection to trigger the sampled movies. 

Tips and Notes:

Adjusting camera and digitizer settings in the “VidIn” tab of the Workspace Inspector.

Customize the layout of the preview, recorder, and media bin for each input.

Right-click on clips and choose "Reveal Selected Files In Finder" to locate recordings.