Manually Setting a MIDI, OSC or DMX Address for a Slider or Button

While the Hardware Learn Mode and detect methods are often the fastest way for a VJ to connect sliders, buttons and other elements from a physical controller to their corresponding UI items in VDMX, sometimes it can be also useful to manually type in these addresses instead. For example, you may need to do this if some item on the controller sends multiple MIDI values at the same time, or when attempting to set up a project working from a spec sheet when the device isn't actually plugged in.

This setup technique can be accomplished by using the “Receive” tab in the UI Inspector where individual receivers for an interface control can be directly configured.

The + / - buttons are used to add receivers to the control. Once created you can click on the text string to manually enter an address path to receive MIDI, OSC, DMX, keyboard or any internal data-source available in VDMX.

Along with being able to directly set one or more address paths to listen to, the inspector and its sub-inspector contain lots of other options for setting how the incoming values should be interpreted or translated before being applied. For example, the directionality of a slider can be flipped by enabling the “Invert Val?” toggle in the sub-inspector.

Tips and Next Steps: