Guest Tutorial with Shakinda of iLoveQC

Download the completed Quartz Composer compositions and VDMX project for this tutorial.

Since it was started about a year ago the iLoveQC website has become one of the top resources and community sites for Quartz Composer developers and Mac VJs using the node based language. If you haven't already taken the time to check out the site, they've got some great interviews with artists, tutorials to get started, FX for download and even Final Cut Pro plugins for non-realtime video production. For this guest tutorial we're joined by iLoveQC founder Graham Robinson, also known as Shakinda who has been part of the the VJ community for quite some time and is an all around QC lover.

In this video tutorial Shakinda demonstrates how he set up VDMX for a recent gig at El Divino demonstrating the off basic technique for making audio reactive black and white sources that can are used to mask a layer and composite it over another video.

Once you've got this mastered try combining these techniques with other tutorials on Quartz Composer or read more on using masking layers and alpha channels VDMX.


Sprite objects used inside of an Iterator to create solid chevron arrows.

Interpolation object used to drive a 3D translation for animating the chevrons.

Starter project for working with QC based masks between layers in VDMX.