Creating Video Feedback Loops on a Mac with VDMX

Download the completed project file for this tutorial. 

One of the most powerful techniques used to create real-time visuals and computer graphics going back to the early days of video is the use of feedback loops - the method of taking the current output frame and using it as a source image in part of the next rendered output frame. This iterative process is particularly useful for VJs and other graphic artists looking to find a unique look or style for their visuals, and is easily simulated within VDMX by using layer groups and FX chains.

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In this video tutorial we'll demonstrate how to create a simple feedback loop in VDMX and use it along with a few sets of FX and composition mode settings to get different visual styles in our output including echoes, glitch and pattern generators.

From here try adding a Movie Recorder plugin to capture the output from the feedback loop, or read more about the basics of using FX chains and layer composition.


Creating a feedback loop by choosing 'Group 1' as the source for one of the layers inside the group itself.

Applying an set of of blurs, invert, sharpen and zoom FX the 'Feedback' layer to create a 'lava lamp' style output.

Try selecting different composition modes for the 'Feedback' layer to get glitch and other visual styles.