New free video clips from Minuek

Check out the blog posts on Space World and Circle Cubes for download links in Hap & DXV formats.

Earlier this week one of our favorite Quartz Composer gurus Minuek shared two new sets of free video loops over on his blog. Aside from being solid clips for VJing, we thought they were particularly noteworthy because they were made using QC compositions and recorded as real-time output,

With the Space World clips i was really trying to make something that looked like it wasn't made in Quartz Composer. I had been discussing QC with someone and they said you can always tell it's made in Quartz so i set out to change that :)

When i first posted some pictures plenty of people were curious if its was all quartz. 


13.08.29-Main Output-14.09.14.png

Along with the video loops themselves, he's shared with us a quick tip on the process of making a composition where you couldn't tell what software was used:

I did a trick on using a gradient over the composition and then moving the gradient at the same time as the lighting to give a more exaggerated lighting effect.

[Captured with the] VDMX movie recorder.  I used preset and LFO's so it was controlled to how i wanted it. I used a little Chroma Zoom, Trails and Bloom.