Back to School Sale Fall 2013 – Now Ended :(

Hey Everyone,

The fall 2013 “Back to School” sale is now over!!

Fortunately students, educators, and “starving artists” can still get their hands on VDMX at a discounted rate of just 199 USD by sending us an email.

Automatic BPM detection in VDMX keeps visuals in sync with music.

If you've not already read about the special discount for hobbyists and new artists, the idea is simple — help others get started by doing a community based project such as:

  • translating, or recording a new video tutorial,
  • documenting the details of a project you are working on in a blog post,
  • creating an original set of creative commons sample movies,
  • open sourcing some useful creative code, 
  • a DJ could share some of their audio loops for video artists who need soundtracks for demo reels,
  • sharing Quartz Composer compositions, 

or some other idea that uses your existing skills in exchange for a discount on a full license of VDMX.

For more information on the sale visit our buy page, or send us an email with a scan of your school photo ID or a proposal for the starving artist rate, and we'll send back a coupon code to get your full license for 199 USD when purchasing VDMX from our online store.