projection maps the Pirelli Tower for Adidas

Todays feature comes from the collective in Italy who a few months ago did this beautiful projection mapping job on the Pirelli Tower in Milan.

Along with the video to the right showing the visual effect on the building in action they've also shared with us a great behind the scenes video documenting the process from start to finish.

More information from the vimeo page:

Pirelli Tower, historic symbol of Milan and milestone in contemporary architecture, for the first time ever has been the stage of a projection mapping.

At the launch of Adidas Boost in Italy, each of 9000 square meters of the facade came to life, resulting in a show of monumental proportions. The building was shaken by vibrations of energy, bent, broken, torn, and even brought down.

The projections also accompanied the exhibition of Thomas Dold (vertical running world champion) who raced up the stairs of the 31 floors of the skyscraper reaching the top in less than four minutes, while the public was able to follow real time data on its performance on the tower facade, transformed for the occasion into a giant screen.

Before and after the show, with the screening of live tweets and instagram photos from the public, the building has become an antenna that reverberated expectations and reactions to the accomplishment of Dold.