End of Semester Artist Submissions Round Up

Hey everyone, 

Here are some of the awesome things people sent us for the last end of semester sale to get the VDMX starving artists discount!

Quartz Composer Compositions from Rybotron

Two audio reactive patches, download: “Submerser” and “Iterate Clicks” from Rybotron see videos below for examples of them in action, then try the patches which include example VDMX project files to get started with. 

Quartz Composer Composition from Tarrabass

Download the QC Horizontal and Vertical Lines composition as used in MetaSquare (below left), the first in a series from Tarrabass. For general inspiration also watch the OSC to laser control example (below right) which you can read a bit more about on the forums.

Two sets of video clips used for music videos by Liam Roberts

 Download these two sets of video loops (h264 download for size, we recommend to converting to PhotoJPEG or Hap before using in VDMX) used by Liam to create music videos for the Olympians song “The Great Gatsby” (below left) and Klive's “Sundance’ (below right) that you can now download and remix.


Daniel Neves translated our introduction to using FX and making Quartz Composer tutorials into Portuguese.

Example audio loops (in Retro/Lofi/8bit/Glitch styles at various BPM) from Anton Crnkovic and Super 8 footage from Tim Hicks were added to the Introduction to Making A/V loops tutorial page as more example VJ material to work with.

Thanks again to all of the artists who have written in so far, we've met some great new people from around the world over the last week and a half, can't wait to see the rest of the stuff that is coming in.