VDMX Mugs, Available In Standard and High Def

 If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter the last few months, you may have noticed among our posts about VJ news, tutorials and artist profiles, a large number of photos of studio setups running VDMX alongside a MIDI controller and a coffee (or tea) mug showing up in your weekly feeds.

Inspired by this, today we're proud to release our newest additions to the VIDVOX product line, our first venture from software into the world of drinkware to help add a little extra power to your live visuals setup, the “VDMX5 Icon” mugs, now available on cafepress!

Both “VDMX5 Icon” mugs look great with MIDI and OSC gear.

We've designed the mugs in two formats to match the amount of overdrive needed for your visual coding session– for normal days, start off with the standard definition (11 oz capacity, 32 x 32 pixel rendering) to contain your hot beverage of choice, and for crunch time, upgrade to the high definition (15 oz capacity, 2048 x 2048 pixel rendering) model to keep yourself awake into the night.

And of course we consider this just the beginning, we want to see even more of your VDMX + MIDI + COFFEE rigs, keep sending in your pictures by Facebook / Twitter / Email if you'd like to be featured in future updates to the gallery.