Behind The Scenes Making Of Grattacielo Pirelli Projection Mapping by

For this guest tutorial we're joined by who give us a behind the scenes look at the techniques used in their recent projection mapping on the Pirelli Tower in Milan:

At the launch of Adidas Boost in Italy, each of 9000 square meters of the facade came to life, resulting in a show of monumental proportions. The building was shaken by vibrations of energy, bent, broken, torn, and even brought down.


Phase 1: Pre-production

Photographs and technical data are used to create a 3d model of the skyscraper.

Phase 2: Video Production and Sound Design

Scenes to be projected are created and prepared for live playback with VDMX, Cinema 4D, Quartz Composer, Logic, Live and other software tools.

Phase 3: Implementation

Scaffolding is built to hold the twelve 20000 ANSI lumens projectors needed to cover the entire face of the tower.