The ECLECTIC METHOD REMIX, Part One - Making Loops

In the introduction of this series we went over the big workflow steps involved with making an Eclectic Method Remix. For part one we'll start with a more in depth look at  how Jonny goes about cutting up and preparing his A/V samples using Sony Vegas.

Next up in part two, loading these clips into VDMX to jam on playback sequences and FX processing, or read up on more tips for making A/V loops from scratch.

Notes and tips:

If you're using a different video editor, you can do a seconds to BPM conversion to determine where to place your samples within a loop.

1 bar in seconds = 240/(clip BPM)

120 BPM <=> 2 seconds per bar, or 0.5 seconds per beat.

For best performance and quality when exporting clips to use in VDMX we recommend PhotoJPEG or the Apple Intermediate Codec.