Introduction to The Timecode Plugin

When designing preplanned shows and working alongside other software, one of the common tasks is keeping the timing of everything in sync. Within VDMX there are two main ways of working with time – the Clock plugin which is used for working in measures and beats and the Timecode plugin which counts in SMPTE time.

In this set of tutorials we'll cover the basics of using the Timecode plugin which publishes several data sources in VDMX, and is capable of both receiving and sending SMPTE timecode in a variety of formats.

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Receiving MIDI SMPTE Time Code (MTC) in VDMX

​MIDI Time Code (MTC) is a specification for sending SMPTE values from a master playback application such as QLab or Apple Logic to keep the play time of other real-time music and visuals software in sync over MIDI.​ While MTC has a few drawbacks it can be very useful when setting up live performances where VDMX is being used alongside audio software that can send it.

In this tutorial we'll look at how to receive MTC ​in VDMX in two ways: First, the classic example of syncing the time position of a QuickTime movie to the incoming timecode. In the second case instead of a traditional movie, a simple Quartz Composer patch will receive the MTC and render a real-time animated read out of the values in standard SMPTE format.

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