Luma Key Techniques for Layer Composition

One of the most powerful techniques for combining multiple layers of video into an output is the use of masking, also known as luma keying. With this process, two video sources are combined to create a "cut out" layer that can be composited over others image like a collage instead of simply blending them together. This style is commonly found in music videos, graphic design, and by VJs for live performance. Masking is also an important technique used when projection mapping video onto surfaces.

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Chroma Key Basics

Chroma Keying is an image effects technique for compositing multiple video streams on top of each by applying a hue based masked to the foreground images. Commonly a blue or green screen is used in production for these purposes.

Within VDMX, using the 'Chroma Mask' FX on a layer will create a color-based mask that is applied within the FX-chain. Pixels in the input that are within the tolerance range are set to become transparent through the usage of alpha channels.

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