Creating Slider Presets

Slider Presets are used to change the settings of a slider such as the current value and data-source receivers.


  1. Read the tutorial on syncing a slider to the Mouse X Position.

Step 1: Click on a slider to inspect it and click on the 'Presets' tab of the 'UI Inspector'.

Tip: This also works with buttons and pop-up menus!

Step 2: Click the '+' button to store the current slider state as a new preset.

A new button used to activate the preset will be added in the Slider UI.

Step 3: Click on the name of a preset to restore its associated settings.

Tip: Presets can also be renamed, deleted, updated, and assigned data-source shortcuts from the slider inspector under the 'Presets' tab.

An inspected slider with three local presets.

Examples of sliders, buttons and pop menus with local UI presets.