Auto loading media from a Dropbox folder to VDMX.

With mobile apps making it easier and easier to share images and video files between mobile devices and desktop computers, it's now possible for Mac VJs to work with content that is being gathered and uploaded during a live performance. With the use of shared public folders, this makes it possible for all kinds of interactive possibilities, such as having the audience capture photos and movies on their phones to immediately transfer into the hands of the artists on stage.

In this video tutorial we'll look at using the popular file sharing service 'Dropbox' to transfer images from an iPhone to a Mac over the Internet, and then have those images automatically loaded into VDMX where they can be triggered and remixed. This same basic idea can be used with any folder, whether the media files are manually moved into it, copied over a network, or downloaded over the Internet.

Once this working, it's only two more steps to make this a Dropbox powered DMX Media Server.


In the 'Workspace Inspector' under 'Files' select a page from the left sidebar the sub-inspector for the selected page provides options for specifying a folder on a local disk to automatically load new clips from.

Tip: Use the file type menu to apply a filter based on the kind of media files to be loaded onto the page.

When 'Folder Sync' is enabled the icon for the page changes to a folder.

Upload images from Dropbox on iOS or other platform.