Route du Nord and Energy Floors! from OUTOFORDER

The visual group OUTOFORDER has been around for well over a decade, so this blog post featuring their work is a little overdue. Though they've got countless projects to choose from, we had to pick just two to include here.

David Louf from OUTOFORDER sent over a few details to share,

Out of Order (David Louf and Yves van Asten), founded in 2000, is an Amsterdam/Rotterdam based Graphic design Studio with multi disciplinary skills ranging from graphic design, art, video, interactive productions and illustration. We work for clients in the music, fashion, culture and entertainment industry designing brand identities, communications, publications, digital content, concepts and events.  In 2000 we did our first vi-gig in holland, we only used vhs tapes and an oldskool analogue video mixer.

The first project to feature, route du nord,

 this is a interactive mapping installation for a electronic arts festival
i created a drawing on a wall...
this is the template for the movies…
8 movies, each movie has a sound…
all teh 8 movies together is 1 song..
people could play with the samples to play music and see the animations..

1 BEAMER, 1 LAPTOP, 60 METERS OF BLUE TAPE, 1 SONG, 8 BUTTONS, all made with vdmx

and the second, energy floors, an interactive animation,

The kinetic energy of walking or dancing people converts into electricity which is used to make the floor react and interact visually and to power applications which show the direct electricity output of a person’s moves. 

2 teams, 16 tiles… these tiles where connected to vdmx, the more you stamp on it, the more hits are created... every tile is a growing clip.

If you've enjoyed these, make sure to check out the OUTOFORDER website and vimeo page for more!